Let’s be honest, it would be so much better to kite in your shorty & take a stop for a fresh coconut instead of getting yourself with frozen fingers out of that cold winter wetsuit while desperately longing for something hot… Time to book a kitesurf vacation! 

If you are flexible in your needs & money is no issue, booking a kitesurf vacation will be a piece of cake, but if you’re like me… That’s not going to work. Finding a good deal in an awesome place with great conditions can be pretty challenging! So, how to make it a bit easier?

  • Get organized! Getting your specifics clear will make your search much easier. What do you want & what do you care about? For example, I don’t care much about the looks of my accommodation as long as it is close to a kitesurf spot, but I don’t like to take long flights so I rather not book flights longer than 15 hours. Time to start writing or typing. This is the information I usually put in my document:
  1. Budget: What do you have to spend, is this for your whole vacation or just for your flight, transfer & accommodation?
  2. Date/period: When do you want to go & for how long?
  3. Places to be: Start researching. Where can you find the conditions you want during your dates? Write the places you’re interested in down & leave some space around them so you can make notes later.
  4. Start looking: I really like to look for combo deals, you’ll pay one price for your flight, transfer and accommodation. Don’t forget to check how you’ll get to the kite spots from every accommodation! The combo deals we’ve booked: a week Santa Maria, Cabo Verde for €650,- per person all in (yes, even extra baggage) and 3 weeks Brazil, Cumbuco for €1000,- per person (unfortunately that didn’t happen because I broke my foot..).If combo deals aren’t working out for you or you prefer to book everything separate, start with looking at plane tickets to the written locations. If one of your preferred destinations won’t work out.. Take a note with the reason!  Check prices, flight times and baggage allowance (important if you want to take your own gear). If that looks fine, take a look at how long it will take to travel to a village or city where you like to stay. Let’s say you want a vacation for a little less than 2 weeks and your flight will take 15 hours, but you also need 6 hours of driving to get to the place you want to be… you’ll lose 2 whole days of your vacation traveling! You have to ask yourself if that’s what you want. Now you just have to look for an accommodation and a transfer, maybe you can get there yourself with public transport, you rent a car or maybe the accommodation can send you a cab.
  5. Book or review: Hopefully you’ve found that perfect combination by now! If not… you’ll need to review your budget, date/period or your expectations and shift them here and there.
  • Check the conditions of previous years. At you can not only check the current forecast, you can also take a look at the archives! Same place, same month, different year.
  • A map & a book. Awesome Maps has made a KITESURFMAP. Not only does this look very awesome on your wall, you can also check it for inspiration! This map will show you the best spots in the world and give you information about the conditions.

Stoked Publications has published a book called: THE WORLD, KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE. This book also offers you information about the best spots in the world! In this book you can read about the conditions, the costs, some tips and find other travel info.

  • One last check. If you’ve found your perfect kitesurf vacation make sure to get some extra information about that country and place before you book! Not every place is safe and not every place is cheap. Check how much it will cost you to ‘live’ at your destination, if you don’t this could make your vacation much more expensive!

Now, time for you to book that vacation!

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