Body hair, we have it all and it is completely normal! I have enormous respect for the ladies who feel comfortable showing all these hairs, but unfortunately that’s not me. As a little girl I was ashamed of my super dark body hair that nicely contrasted with my skin. Fortunately, I got rid of that shame and accepted that it belongs to my female body. Yet, I don’t feel comfortable in shorts, bombshell or a teeny-weeny-string-bikini and that is certainly not due to the shape of my body, but those damn body hairs .. So I started a search for solving my ‘hair problem “. And yes, I found it! Upper lip, legs, pubic area, everything! Teeny-weeny-string-bikini here I come!

Until the end of last year I mainly shaved. Yes, even my mustache. (That hair comes back thicker with every shave is bullshit.) It was easy, cheap, fast and (for 99%) painless. I was super precise with my shaves, yet I always seemed to skip something, the hairs reappeared after 2 days and I cut myself from time to time. Holidays were often unknowingly led by my hair drama .. Because that uber cute bikini slip was often covered by shorts. “That must change!” I thought. Especially since I had finally dared to buy that nice bombshell, it was a shame to put shorts over it.

As bald as a nude cat. Then I really feel at my best. So the first experiment started. Wax strips. I tried my bikini line and armpits. The result: I didn’t even lose a quarter of the hairs, but had lost some pieces of my skin instead and got terribly painful, red spots for the duration of 3 days. AUW. I will never touch wax strips again!

But of course we didn’t give up! The second experiment was a hair removal cream, unfortunately I turned out to be just as allergic to it as when I was a teenager. After less than 2 minutes I couldn’t stand the burning pain anymore. The result: I still had all my hairs and a red rash. Nice.

I had to believe it, I thought … “I cannot solve this cheaply”. It was already on my bucket list, just to see if I could handle it and out of interest, but now I really started to do it with my last hope for a hairless (holiday): I made an appointment at the WaxBar for an, oh yes I did, Brazillian wax. For over 2 weeks I had to grow and scrub my hair. Before the appointment I took a thorough shower. Then you are there .. At the WaxBar. “What the fuck am I doing here …” Well, whoever says A … So I went into the dressing room to take off my pants and freshened up with the wipes they had. VERY UNCOMPOSABLE. That’s how I felt when I crawled onto the table with only my shirt and socks on. Fortunately, those girls see so many body parts pass every freaking day, mine is anything but special. After 2 uncomfortable minutes I was no longer concerned with my uneasiness but with the unpleasant hair removal. Nobody said that waxing was painless. My thoughts went from “this is not too bad” to “I WANT TO GO. NOW.” to “The worst is over”. 20 minutes. 20 minutes I had to sit it out .. well lying .. in the most uncomfortable positions ever. But I already lost those € 45,-, so I stayed and luckily the lady who waxed me fully understood my angry looks and words.

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I went to Sri Lanka pubic hair free and I have never felt so comfortable! Photos in my string bikini? No problem! Photos from below while jumping over my photographer in my bombshell, Here I am! Within those 3 weeks some hairs returned. But they were so little and thin that I didn’t care and the ones I did care about I could remove with tweezers. So I have been the new regular customer at the WaxBar since.

I want that everywhere! Until now I only had the Brazilian area waxed. I really wanted to have the same anti-hair fun with the rest of my body. But honestly, that money tree of mine would be destroyed. So no solution to keep going to the WaxBar.

After months of searching for a solution I found him! SUGARING! My research brought me to Where I could order a pot for 15 euros. Sugaring is “waxing” with sugar paste and consists mainly of sugar, honey, water and lemon juice. It is animal cruelty-free and natural (and cheap). In theory, a sugar paste would not stick to the skin. But only to the hairs. You spread it against the direction of the hair growth and pull it off within the direction of the hair growth. This is possible with only the paste or you make your own strips from an old t-shirt, that you can use again and again. If after greasing you think “Help !! I really don’t want this at all !! ”Don’t panic. The substance dissolves in water. 😊

So I ordered pot. Got the pot in the house. Opened the pot. I had already done some research and watched videos. I warmed up the paste. Waaaaaaaaay too hot … oops. Cool down. 5 minutes later I grabbed a knife (I didn’t have any spatulas) and put it in the sugar paste. A HUGE MESS I made. But in the end I got it, turning and blowing and keep turning and blowing. As soon as I could touch the paste painlessly with my finger tip I put it on my arm .. This was scary. Against the hair .. that was not a pleasant feeling. Then the piece of old shirt against it … and pull! I thought I had done it wrong. I didn’t feel anything. Again. Paste. Shirt. Jerk. A light feeling. But no pain. I took a look. HAIR FREE!

This went well. A little too well. I quickly became reckless and before I knew it I was standing with my pants down, a knife dipped in sugar paste and my pubic area half smeared in the bathroom .. “Uh yes .. and now? How is this going to work!? ”Panic. Yes these are those impulsive things that I usually regret afterwards. I had 2 options: Rinse with water or YouTube. YouTube won it. I found a video that guided me through it perfectly! (I will place it below.) It was not pleasant down there. BUT. Much less pain than the waxings at the WaxBar and much cheaper!

I now do almost everything with sugar paste since 3-4 months. The only hairs that I cannot yet properly remove are the hairs in my armpits .. I do not want to give my hair time to grow there. And how many pots have I used? A half.

If you want to do this (and especially in your pubic area), first have yourself waxed once or twice by a professional. The first few times hurt the most anyway. And you can feel the difference best if you also know “worse”.

Is sugaring for everyone? No. Some people really like waxing, weird figures if you ask me. Furthermore, it would not be good if you had varicose veins. Don’t ask me why. In addition, there would be hair types that are not properly caught by the sugar paste, especially very thin hairs. Do your research, have you lost hope? Just try it for those 15 euros.  

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