kitesurfer op de bank


You could have had an accident, broken your leg, be sick, want to go out as little as possible because of the Coronavirus and so on. There are so many reasons why you could get stuck at home or on the couch for a longer period of time… maybe you’re already stuck at home.

I have experienced this myself in the past 2 years with breaking my leg and shortly afterwards during rehabilitation after a traffic accident. My process had 4 phases: 

Phase 1: Stay as positive as possible and enjoy the peace.

Phase 2: Slightly annoyed with boredom after I had finished Netflix and bothering the cat instead.

Stage 3: Being grumpy AF about everything I can't do or everything that can’t be done + Getting emotional insecure because the cat is dodging me after all the hugs and torment.  

Phase 4: Discovering that I could have done a lot of other things if I had not been so stuck in what was not possible and using the last piece of “time” as effectively as possible. 

Yes, I could have skipped phase 2 & 3. Too bad. So for the future me who might once again be locked in a house: “Here you have your list, Mrs Grumpy. Cut it out and spend that time well, because time is precious.” And who knows, there might be someone else who benefits from this besides a future grumpy me:

  • Spelletjes! Ja, ja, ja. Ouderwetse kaart spelletjes, zoals shithead. Of nieuwerwets! Ooit van Exploding Kittens gehoord? Ik vind het hilarisch! Russisch roulette met explosieve katten, een spelletje waar je meer hebt aan geluk dan aan strategie.
  • Clean up / construct. Well, unless it isn't physically possible... but what about a makeover to that junkyard-chamber and maybe you come across that grade report from 15 years ago?
  • Laat je creativiteit los, wie weet ben je wel de nieuwe Picasso of ontzettend goed met klei. Of maak je eigen kaars/hout/elektronica kunstwerkjes. Wc-bril schilderen? Nee? Wat dacht je van een oud skateboard of een surfplank?
  • Have you ever tried to exercise indoors? Even if you are in a cast with one leg, it is possible! ... A bit painful if you accidentally get down on your leg, though. Ps: Ruben Lenten has released an app: “Len10 Workout App”, full of bodyweight exercises that can help you with your kitesurf-fitness. 
  • Read a book or listen to one, it may surprise you how many funny, amazing and / or educational books there are. Have you ever heard of “The subtle art of not giving a fuck”? 
  • Test the smoke detector by diving into a cookbook. Yes, do one of those dishes that you spend 6 hours on and where you occasionally forget to pay attention.
  • How about learning? Why not? You have plenty of time and nowadays you can find everything on the internet: 
    • Learn to play an instrument and do your neighbors a favor, choose drum lessons!
    • Learn a new language. Maybe a language that is of no use to you but which sounds nice and interesting like Maori. Or something that benefits you like Spanish.
    • Take a course. Web design? Photography? Massage? Sports nutrition? FIRST AID? (Also useful to others.) Tarot? Hacking? Yoga?
  • Can you really not let go of kite surfing? Then watch videos of the trick you would like to land. Study it so well that you understand the technique step by step. Ready? Time to visualize it! Did you know that by visualizing your success, you are literally preparing your brain for success? 
  • Do you miss the nature? Get it in! There are so many (easy) plants for your home, yes ... you can just order them. Or go sowing seeds, even the seeds of your lemon, avocado and mango can become beautiful plants. Make sure that the plants you get are not toxic to your pet.

Ok, with this list you and I will hopefully be a bit more effective the next time we need to stay indoors. What do you do if you have to be at home for a long time? Maybe you have even better ideas! Help the (hopefully not) current and future benched peoples and share it with us! 

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