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About 1.5 years ago I met Baris. Baris discovered his love for kitesurfing during his recovery from cancer. Kitesurfing brought him and his wife back to the here and now and gave them the opportunity to take a break from the grind that the cancer had caused. Because Baris wanted to share this experience with fellow cancer patients / survivors and their loved ones, he founded the Kite4Life Foundation, supported by various professional kitesurfers. To read more about the story behind Kite4Life: click here!

After a successful kick-off event in May 2019, Baris wanted to start the 2020 kite season with the Kite4Life Festival Fundraiser Event. Unfortunately, the Covit-19 situation has thrown a spanner in the works for Baris. But just as on the bumpy road to cancer recovery, Baris didn't let him be stopped here either.

In addition to a Webinar in June, the Kite4Life Market went online on September the 13th, 2020. At the Kite4Life Market you could bid for a week on donated overnight stays, outings, kitesurfing equipment, wetsuits, clothing and clinics from various pro kiters. WHAT!? Clinics from pro kiters? Hell yes! Ruben Lenten, Youri Zoon, Annabel van Westerop, Dylan van der Meij, Lasse Walker and Steven Akkersdijk all offered a clinic! And don't forget the Lieuwe Shotgun board with a custom made design from none other than the Dutch Beach Artist Tim Hoekstra where you could bid on!

A week later on September the 20th, 2020, the Kite4Life Talkshow took place where the amount that was raised would be announced. This talk show could be followed online via the website of Kite4Life, but at the invitation of Baris I was able to attend it in person. Incredibly awesome!

The Talkshow was recorded in the town of Beesd at Studio Het Nut (translated: The Usefulness). Yes, it is really called “Het Nut”, how appropriate and beautiful is that!? The guests (including moi) were received here with a warm heart and of course corona proof. Tim Hoekstra, Annabel van Westerop, Roderick Pijls, of course Baris himself and the recording crew were busy preparing on and around the stage.

After all preparations were completed, we all had a delicious meal and we were asked to turn the phones off or on silent. Show Time!

Pictures shot by Rein Rijke:

Tim, Annabel and Roderick were introduced to the (online) audience and together with Baris discussed various topics around kitesurfing, cancer and how kitesurfing can contribute to recovery. And then it was time: the disclosure of the amount that was raised! 

Kite4Life has raised €4.375,- with the Market, with which they can offer even more patients / survivors of cancer and their loved ones kitesurfing lessons!

Do you want to know more about Kite4Life or watch the talk show? Click here to go to their website. The talk show can be found on the homepage.

In addition, the Market of Kite4Life will continue to exist! So if you want to buy a cool gift or outing for yourself, friends or family that will also allow you to support this good cause, click here!

Or… Do you have products or outings that you want to donate to Kite4Life so that it can be offered on the Market? Then contact Kite4Life via this page..

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