Kite4Life by John Nobe


I have written posts about Kite4LifeThe non-profit Kite4Life foundation was founded by Baris, who wants to give cancer patients and survivors, together with their loved ones, back the feeling of freedom, hope and pride by learning to kite surf together. Kite4Kids has also been created, especially for the younger, sometimes indirect victims of cancer. But unfortunately everything costs money… Last year the Kite4Life Market & Talksow Kite4Life Market & Talksow took place to raise money for Kite4Life and now it's time for JUMP4LIFE!

The first edition of Jump4Life will be a kind of sponsored run for kite surfers. So of course we will do this kitesurfing! Throughout May you can collect money by jumping or freeriding, it is both an option! When jumping, the total height achieved in meters will be sponsored, when freeriding this will be the total distance achieved in kilometers. And of course… You can also agree on a maximum amount of money with your sponsor. Do you live abroad? No problem! You are very welcome to be sponsored or to sponsor for Jump4Life. 

Measuring the distance in meters and / or kilometers is done with your own equipment (think of WOO, PIQ, Surfr, but also your sports watch). Kite4Life works for this event together with WOO sports. By means of the hashtag #Jump4Life2021 , the international WOO ranking will be visible to anyone who wants to follow it!

Do you want to sign up for Jump4Life!? Do that by clicking hereAnd don't forget to pass on your sponsors.

Of course I will also participate! Do you want to sponsor me? Please contact me via my contact page, send a pb to my instagram account @mrsfeisty or send an email to ! Want to stay informed about the meters and kilometers that I make? Then follow me on instagram.

by John Nobbe
by John Nobbe
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