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Who is MrsFeisty?


I am Lisanne, also known as Bouncing Ball, Terror Tick & MrsFeisty. That last nickname was originally MissFeisty… But it was already taken on almost every social media platform… So I made it MrsFeisty. After hearing and using this nickname for almost a decade I’ve gotten pretty attached to it. I am drawn to the feisty things of life ever since I got out of the womb, so why not be unofficially married to it!?

Around August 2016 I came into contact with two new loves, not knowing how much they would change my life: kitesurfing & my boyfriend. 

Before this day I was not interested in traveling (or holidays). The only things I cared about were MMA, fitness and work. I loved animals, but I did not pay any attention to their (and my) environment and I did not see the beauty in the elements…

All of that and more changed because of kitesurfing and and I am very grateful forthose changes!

The story

The past 2 years I surfed as much as possible! Pushing boundaries is what I like to do and kitesurfing made me push them even more!

There is a lot of information you’ll eventually get to know about kitesurfing; tips & tricks, handy accessories, possible dangers, etc. When you’re kitesurfing for a few years this will probably be common knowledge to you. But the only way you can find out about this kind of information is when it is told to you by a fellow kiter.

On the 20th of September 2018 I broke all the metatarsals in my right foot. Apparently you can’t land a jump with a kiteloop if you only have the toes of your front foot in the footstrap… So I got benched… 

Because I wasn’t able to kite or work I had plenty of time… So why not tackle my annoyance about the lacking information on the internet!? So now we are here, sharing my kitesurf information with you through blogs & vlogs! 

Ps: I’m back on the water since January 2019, so if it’s quiet on the site… I’m probably busy kitesurfing!! 😛

Picture by Patrick van der Ven
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