Anyone who has seen me driving will recognize my car out of thousands. 365 days a year I have a roof box on top of my car. One with beautiful PLKB and kite stickers , witch makes it a real kitesurf roof box. My father came up with the idea. The first year I refused to listen, as I often do. After all, it is quite an investment: the roof racks, the suitcase and then also that extra fuel that you have to pay! Despite that, I am glad that I chose to listen once again. After all, that extra damage and those salt / sand stains in your car can bring the value of your car down quite a bit as well. And with a roof box you also prevent your car from nasty wet gear smells.

Since I got the roof box, I have been getting questions from fellow kitesurfers. So time for a post with everything listed!

Do you spend extra money on gasoline?

Yes, I spent extra money on gas. Do I notice a lot of this? No. I drive a lot, especially for my work, in the urban area, so my gas consumption is always a bit higher. According to the specifications of my car, within urban areas, the average usage is 5.5 l / 100 KM. With a roof box I usually drive an average of 5.8 l / 100 km (without sporty driving behavior). If € 2.00 were asked for a liter of gasoline, it would cost me € 0.60 per 100 km.


How big is your roof box?

My roof box has a capacity of 440 liters, is 180 cm long, 78 cm wide, 41 cm high, 19 kg and has a maximum load capacity of 50 kg.

What are the benefits of a roof box?

  • Minimal sand, water and drape in your car.
  • No smell from moisture.
  • No extra damage to the inside of your car.
  • More space in the car itself.
  • Nobody sees what you do or do not have in it, in addition, a window is easily tapped, but it takes some dedication to break open a roof box.
  • Can also be used for moving, winter sports and storing your mother-in-law.

What are the disadvantages of a roof box?

  • You consume more gasoline.
  • You don't take it off your roof easily.
  • The valve can break in strong winds if you leave it open.
  • You will have to adjust your driving behavior slightly + you accelerate a bit slower.
  • If you are a small person you will need stairs or a step-up.
  • You will have to vacuum the sand in your roof box from time to time.
  • You sometimes forget that you have stored your things or your mother-in-law there.
  • You can no longer go through the car wash and no longer enter every parking garage.

Do you think it's worth it?

Absolutely! I was quite shocked how much sand ended up in my roof box after a few kitesurfing sessions, even though I always dusted everything with a dustpan. Better in my kitesurf roof box than in my car!

Kitesurf dakkoffer
Kitesurf dakkoffer

What should I pay attention to if I want a roof box on my car?

  • Choose roof racks that fit your car, otherwise it could damage your roof.
  • Pay attention to the load capacity of your roof racks. It must be able to handle the weight of both your roof box and your kitesurfing gear.
  • Pay attention to the dimensions of your roof box, you obviously want your wave board or snowboard to fit in it as well and the roof box must also fit your car in terms of length. 
  • Pay attention to the load capacity of your roof box.
  • Take the time to fix everything & do not start racing right away. My roof box began to slide after a few weeks . So now we have secured it with extra tyraps.
  • Measure how high your car is including the roof box, otherwise you will soon be stuck in the parking garage...