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Yes! Our beautiful sport is becoming increasingly well known! Super awesome! The people who want to learn kite surfing often know a kite surfer in their social circle. Of course it is great fun if you can help each other! Someone wants to learn something … + the other can do it … = Let’s start and throw that kite up in the air! But … No matter how nice that sounds .. DON’T!

Even if you can do kite surfing incredibly well, that certainly does not mean that you can teach well. Teaching is a profession in itself and that isn’t without reason! An experienced (certified) instructor ensures that someone learns kite surfing safely. Not only for the student, but also for their surroundings. Recognizing control, hazards and problems while teaching is something that should not be underestimated. An instructor is trained in teaching step by step, so that information is easier to absorb by a student. In addition, this ensures that no important information is skipped and that “dangerous” behavior can be prevented. If it should happen that something goes wrong .. Then most instructors are also trained in giving first aid! Only after the student knows the basics of kite surfing we, the non-instructor-kite surfers, can share our knowledge and polish the diamond.

“Yes .. but hello, I saw someone teaching and I think I can do much better and more safely!” Do you really want to help someone? Then recommend a school or instructor that you fully support, but please do not teach yourself if you are not qualified and don't have teaching experience! Do you really want to teach someone that bad… Then get your qualifications.

“But John-Do says he can explain it really well and he will be super careful! It saves me a lot of money … ” Honey, Jonh-Do is a pancake and so are you. Kite surfing remains a tough sport including risks. Spending money to learn this in a safe way is an investment, also for the people who surround you. With motorcycling you don’t learn from your non-instructor-buddy as well, just to hit the highway next? No. Dangerous. Ditto with kite surfing.

Who do I recommend?

I don’t know any schools in the Netherlands that can’t teach in a safe and fun way. So, as long as you go to a kite surfing school that is well-reviewed and whose instructors are certified, you are usually in the right place! BUT there is one person about whom I continue to be exceptionally positive. He is not just an instructor or (part of) a kite school, he is a coach! If I could have lessons again as a beginner, I would have done it 100% at Kite Coach!

What sets Kite Coach apart from the rest in my eyes? I’ll tell you!

  • 1 Coach / Instructor. Kite Coach is 1 man strong and also IKO level 2 certified. You will therefore always receive lessons from the same instructor who knows where you left off in the previous lesson.
  • No group lessons. Kite Coach is a strong proponent of private lessons. Apart from the fact that the price – quality ratio is a lot better for private lessons (since you are not waiting 2 / 3rd of your lesson) it is also safer and more efficient. Do you want to share the fun and / or a less intensive lesson? Then you can share your lesson! Yes. Share. You do not pay a price per person. But a total price with your buddy per hour.
  • Your purchased hours are not personal. Are you tired of it? Isn’t it for you? But does it seem nice to your brother? Then you can transfer your purchased hours to him! (Or whoever.) The more hours you book, the greater your financial benefit, which is extra useful if you also want to share them.
  • Foil lessons. Yes! Kite Coach also offers foil lessons! (Just like progression sessions for twintippers.)
  • No yelling. You are connected to your coach by telephone. Yes really! So no unclear annoying shouting from the waterfront with a leaping grasshopper.
  • Multiple spot options (including ride!). Kite Coach drives around in an electric, well-secured cargo bike. This allows him to teach at different locations, he always has the right things with him and he can store your things well and safely. Oh yeah! You also get a ride from him!
  • Uber Fancy. I have a big weakness for good design and the Kite Coach website (along with his bike) looks great. In addition, you can also find free extra information such as a rookie guide on it. As far as I know the site is only in English .. But fortunately he speaks fluent Dutch as well.

Okay, I can make a very big ass list with other things I like about Kite Coach as well… But for now I’m finished with the feather in the ass of Kite Coach Ruben. More info about him can be found at & Instagram.


But whatever you do. If you want to learn how to kite surf: PLEASE. GET. PROPPER. CLASSES.