There always have been multiple loves in my life. But the one that has stayed with me the longest is my love for music. I’m listening to music at home, when I’m traveling, in the gym, almost anywhere possible. The one thing I disliked the most when I started kitesurfing? There was no room for music! The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like the perfect combo! I started my search… and of course, I found what I was looking for, an affordable waterproof MP3!

muziek 3

May I present you the Nabaiji SwimMusic 100 ? The first thing you need to know about this little MP3 is that it is not recommended to use it in salt water, just like almost any other waterproof MP3 player… BUT, I’ve bought it anyway since it was only €30,-. I’ve been using the SwimMusic 100 for over half a year now and guess what.. I’ve had no issues so far!

The SwimMusic should last for 10 hours, I don’t know if it does that exactly, but I do know I can use it for days without charging it. It has a capacity of 2G +/- 330 songs and a Shuffle-mode. According to Decathlons website the MP3 should be 2 meters waterproof, but the package says 3 meters. You can charge it through your USB-portal on both PC or MAC. You’ll also get different sizes of earplugs (S, M, L).

I am using this MP3 a lot! I’m not only using it during a lot of kitesurf sessions but I’m also using it in the gym. What I love most about this MP3 is you can boost the music beyond the recommended sound limit (oh, how I like to live dangerously). I was surprised about how good the earplugs stay in place! Of course there is a chance you have to replace them after a crash. When you crash a few times or have to body drag, the sound will get soft because of the water inside the earplug. You can easily solve this by blowing into the earplug. The clip at the back of the MP3 makes it stay in place. I do recommend to put it underneath your wetsuit though. Just to be safe. 😛

If you’re thinking about buying this Nabaiji SwimMusic 100 for the sake of enjoying music during your kitesurf sessions, please keep in mind it is not made for salt water. Test the MP3 a few times under the shower before you use it during your kite sessions and make sure to clean the jack plug with tap water after your kite session so salt won’t damage it!

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And also very, very, very important… When you’re using this MP3 you won’t hear anything else! Completely nothing! When you use it you should be very aware of your surroundings, so better not use it during kitesurfing when it’s crowded. Now. Let’s enjoy that music!