Peeing outside while sitting… I don't know what other women think about it, but I find it very un-relaxed. I would feel ashamed, I can never find a good place in the bushes and even when I do I still feel spied on. Most of the times the pee splashes against my shoes, pants or wetsuit and I always need something or someone to hold on to, because otherwise I would fall down on my ass. The worst thing is the plants that occasionally itch against my butt. Yet it is possible, women can also urinate standing.

I was done with it and unfortunately I am not a wonderwomen who can naturally pee standing. Yes, they really exist! Still, I can proudly say that I did not have to urinate sitting down all year round: I bought a spout (aka a female pee penis)!Want to know how I experienced it and the tips I have? Then continue reading!

I tried it at home first. Pure concentration, because my body was like "what the hell are you doing? Trying to pee standing!? I'm not going to participate in this! ” I tried a cardboard and a silicone spout. The cardboard was leaking. Ew... So it went straight into the bin. The silicone spout went a lot better and is also more environment friendly! It was going so incredibly well that I had to call my boyfriend to share it with him, but in my enthusiasm I did lose the grip on my spout and ... oops, I peed all over myself again. My first pee lesson was learned: stay focused. The 3rd time went smoothly: "Man this is great!”

And of course I'm the kind of person who thinks that if she did something properly just once, she will succeed forever. WRONG. The first time outside went well. Not the second time. I held my spout with one hand, while my fingers and yoni (v-box) were cold, so I had no feeling there at all and looking back I would not recommend it. I ended up with an empty bladder, a warm left leg, embarrassment from here to Tokio and a laughing boyfriend. Thanks for the support babe. 

But winners never give up! So I started practicing at home again until I got the technique completely under control. Jup, I loved it. I also love to pee standing next to my boyfriend, I call that humor. #couplegoals.

My pee-spout tips:

  • Practice at home first, there you will look less like an idiot if it runs along your legs.
  • Don't practice 3 times like me. Practice until it “feels normal” and you are in control of the actions without a doubt. 
  • Place both hands along the spout with thumbs touching above the spout and the fingers at the bottom of the spout, between your legs. You actually make a triangle with your hands. Keep pressure from thumbs to fingertips. Even if you urinate too enthusiastically it will not leak with this technique. 
  • Push your hips forward, it also helps me to squeeze my butt. This prevents you from urinating on your own feet or shoes.
  • Pee with the wind, not against it ...
  • Do you feel watched? Put on a hoodie or poncho and put your hood over your head, so you may be able to close yourself off a bit better.
  • Oh and yes, prepare your male friend(s) for you as their new pee buddy before you start standing next to them ...

I told you so: Women can also urinate standing!