Kites, bar, board, wetsuit, harness, pump… Are you sure you have everything? Well, in my case, NO! There are 5 more ‘things’ I need before I head to the spot or my kite session might turn into a disaster. Let me tell you about my top 5 kite essentials:

5. Forecast-apps

To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with these apps (and websites). They’re like an unreliable boyfriend, most of the time not speaking the entire truth. But they give me good guidelines though. I check all the apps, compare them & make a decision about which 2 kites to bring. Last summer a few of the apps weren’t working and I found out how much I relied on them… I really wasn’t aware of that.

  • Wereldwijd:  Windy (pro)Windguru, Windfinder, Windyty, Holfuy 
  • Netherlands: Actuele wind, Windmeting,,

4. A waterproof Bag

You know what really could mess up my kite session? Rain. I had to worry about my electronic car keys, paper money & smartphone when it started raining or snowing. Not anymore! I bought myself a waterproof bag for +/- €5,-.

Bonus: It keeps my stuff pretty much sand free AND it is sustainable. 🙂

3. Poncho

At first I thought it was overrated, until I had to wait for a friend & somebody lend me his poncho. It really surprised me how warm it kept me while the sun was going down. So I bought my own and found other benefits of the poncho: 1. It is much more comfortable to change when the temperature isn’t I-can-walk-around-in-my-swimwear-high. 2. It keeps your private parts private. Maybe you don’t care about it… BUT not everybody likes to see that naked ass of yours! What I also like about the poncho is, I can put it over my wetsuit when I’m in a rush and have no time to change, no wet or salt-damaged car seat for me!

5 essentials 2

2. The handcart

The handcart is probably my best buy of 2018! I have to walk 20 minutes from the parking lot to my homespot. I like to bring at least 2 kites and since this year I’m also bringing 2 kiteboards (one with straps & one with boots). That walk of 20 minutes ain’t much fun like that, especially when you have had a very intensive kite session & you have to walk back with all your stuff! So I followed somebody’s advise on Instagram: ‘Buy a handcart’. It made everything so much easier!! I can bring everything I want and more, without having a struggle for 40 minutes. The handcart I bought was €40,- & is also usable as a chair, so I can sit on the beach like a queen on her thrown.

1. Kitesurf insurance

It isn’t really a thing. But it is definitely the most important thing for me to have while practicing this sport. I’ve broken a few kites over the past two years & had someone driving over my kiteboard. That first thought “Don’t worry, you have an insurance. One way or another, we’re going to fix it” is gold to me! My insurance is from Sportzeker and if you’re Dutch you can get one from €10,- a month. Better be safe, than sorry!