The Project

I want to contribute to the kite community! That’s the reason I started this project called SHRED IT WITH. Who are we when we’re kitesurfing!? That’s what I want to show! I do this through my YouTube channel.

Why should you participate? Well,

  1. You’re helping a fellow kitesurfer to win the fight against boredom while she can’t kite herself (me).
  2. FREE ADVERTISEMENT! You could use it to present yourself to brands or your new followers on social platforms. It even can be used as an advertisement for your job in the kitesurf business (your kiteschool, kitestore, etc). Or.. just to show your mom.
  3. I can edit almost everything you want into the compilation, like logo’s from sponsors, schools, etc.
  4. You’ll get your own SHRED IT WITH edit in the best quality and if you want to, also the best quality for on Instagram!

Abel Koppert from the first SHRED IT WITH edit!

What do I need from you?

All I need is your raw kitesurf footage (unedited) and information about you. Who are you as a kitesurfer? What makes you unique? The more information I’ve got about you, the more personal I can make your edit.

And of course I need everything you want me to work with. If you want me to highlight the fact you’re also arranging kitesurf trips, send me the logo of the company you work for, their website, your contact info and I will make sure it gets all in there!

Again, this project is entirely free of charge.

If you would like to participate or want to know more about this project, please get in contact with me! 🙂